Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Portrait of a Partnership on the Way Home

Scene: On the way home one evening, getting off an expressway
Players: Matt and I (kids dozing in the back seat)

Me: You'll want to slow down here -- not to be a jerk about it or anything, but there's always a patrolman on the other side of this hill here when I come home.

Matt: Funny, I never see one when I come home.

Me: Well, when I come home late from work, there's always one there. Especially on Saturday nights.

Matt: Hm. I never see one.

Me: Well, you'll want to slow down, because he waits right under the railroad. You can't see him. He's waiting to pounce.

Matt: Hm. You'd think he'd want to catch people getting on the expressway, instead of off.

Me: I don't know what his deal is. Maybe he catches more people this way.

Matt: Did he ever catch you?

Me: Um.

Matt: Did he ever catch you on a Saturday night coming home from work?

Me: Uh, heh.

Matt: Well, I just hope it doesn't raise our insurance.

Me: You know, it's funny you say that. Because he actually gave me a break and said the ticket he did give me wasn't enough to raise insurance rates.

Matt: We'll see, I guess.

Slight pause

Me: I'm surprised you didn't mention it to me when you saw a $122 check made out to the county sheriff department go through the bank statement.

Matt: I'm surprised you didn't mention it to me when I put the copy of the ticket on your car seat after I found it when I was looking for my wallet in your car.

This concludes our presentation by Living In Denial Theatre


  1. Hilarious! =)

    I hope that wasn't edited.

    But even if it was, great work in your live performance!

  2. This is pretty much word-for-word how it happened. I think it provides a nice window into our relationship.