Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nightmare Before Christmas

Maia has a Santa phobia. We're not quite sure where it came from. She's generally OK if she sees the guy on the street, or in a window or a picture. But at bedtime, she starts to cry in that quiet brave way kids sometimes have, and says she doesn't want Santa coming into our house. "I don't want to hear his footsteps! I don't want to see him!" she cried.

"Oh honey, you won't!" I replied, with the conviction of pure truth.

Matt took the kids to his union Christmas party a couple weeks ago. Santa made an entrance, to the delight of the vast majority of the under-8 crowd. But caught off guard by the visit, Maia made a terrified beeline against the throng, screaming and fighting to get away.

Matt caught her up and explained to her that this wasn't actually Santa, it was a helper -- a union carpenter dressed in a red suit and who wanted to make people happy. She got a hold of herself and eventually accepted the imposter as a friend.

So, to review: Some guy at a union Christmas party with a couple beers in him in a borrowed red suit, possibly spotted later bumming a Doral behind the hall? OK!

Metaphorical representation of the magic of Christmas and secular goodwill? Terrifying.


  1. This brings to mind a scene that I have always wanted to see for myself in Finland:

    Apparently it is tradition for an elder male (father, uncle, etc.) in most families to don a Santa suit on Christmas Eve and stroll around the neighborhood, singing carols and bringing greetings and small gifts to their neighbors. To properly thank each Santa when he arrives, it is customary to provide a serving of Christmas punch, or whatever other strong drink you might be enjoying as a family.

    So I guess the resulting scene of multiple drunk Santas wandering the streets of Finland late on Christmas Eve is also a metaphor of something special, though I'm not sure what. But I would love to get a picture of this someday!

    Of course, I'll pack my Santa suit for the trip.

  2. Speaking of Finland, I sent you a link to a youtube movie at work. Did you get it?

  3. Matt says I'm not being fair about the union guy. He's probably right.