Friday, December 15, 2006

I Got Your Nudi-tay On Skates Right Here

All right, who's the overwrought high-school player who googled "naked hockey mom" to get to my blog?


  1. Sharikov1:11 PM

    That has to be one of the most specific fetishes I have ever heard of. Here's a question - are naked hockey moms superior to naked soccer moms? Why not naked moms from other sports? Naked gymnastics moms? Naked wrestling moms? Naked fencing moms? (Now lets watch how many google hits you get!!!) And let's have some equal rights here! What about naked dads?

  2. My guess would be that naked hockey moms have a lot more stamina than naked soccer moms. More braving of the frostbite. Plus? Sharp objects abound. I don't know about you, Krup, but I like my important bits to be under AT LEAST 3 layers around any and all sharp objects.

  3. Naked hockey moms are totally superior to naked soccer moms. Hockey moms flood the rink, work the concession stand, remember to buy two kinds of coffee for the coffee pot, draw up (and sign up for) volunteer calendars, and learn to skate backwards for their charges. They also play goalie in practice -- until younger sisters are old enough to hold their heads up with helmets on.

    Soccer moms? They just drive minivans.

  4. And, hee: "important bits."