Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Day Before

Ten years ago today, I took a day off from work. So did Matt. We went to Saks Off Fifth in downtown Minneapolis to find a wedding dress. I was sure we'd find something, and we did, on sale. Then we went to a movie, and then we went for drinks at the Half Time Rec, where we had had one of our first outings together. That first time, we drank black-and-tans and smoked hand-rolled cigarettes and talked about music, mostly. I was excited because he knew and liked a lot of the bands I did, and I was so impressed with him that when he said, "Do you like Arcwelder?" I was all cool and said, "Hell yeah! I love Arcwelder!" and he saw right through it and loved me anyway.

The day after we bought my dress we drove to St. Paul (me writing the vows on the way down, and then not saying them at all during the ceremony because I was crying -- nice) and made it official.

Sixty-five years ago today, my grandfather asked my grandmother to marry him after waiting almost nine years to do so.

The day after that, I always wonder how they felt.


  1. I am loving these posts.

    Oh, and it's an official Scout thing. The sewing of patches, damn, girl! What's up with *that*?

  2. Half Time Rec, indeed! They know how to pour.

    And, erm. The sewing of patches. It sucks so bad I haven't even done it yet. God made irons for a reason! I'm looking at you, BSA!