Friday, November 03, 2006

Dig It

If anyone who thinks that all the talk about Sesame Street being so much better 30 years ago is just a bunch of hooey, I submit this:

Now groove, sucka. "Ha ha! Yeeeaaaah!"


  1. OMG, that was like suddenly remember a bizarro dream you had a million years ago. I TOTALLY remember that now! And how freaked out it made me when I was a kid...
    The Boy is sitting here with me, and he says to tell you: "I think it was the coolest movie in the world and I thought it was, like, the best one I've seen, and it taught you how to get home. That's all. It like, blasts my head off with excitement." And he wants to know if John watched it.

  2. When John saw it, he said, he gaped at it speechlessly, and then said, "OH! OH! OH! OH! CAN I SEE THAT AGAIN?" And then this morning he said, "You can find your way home by making the first thing the last! But if I saw that guy if I was lost, I would think that was weird."