Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And Social Services Will Call in 5...4...3...

We're getting a wood-burning heater installed. Actually, it's been installed -- it just hasn't been hooked up yet. When the guy, S, came to do the work, it was cause for much excitement. He had a trencher, and he pulled up huge boulders out of the ground, and then he chopped a HOLE in the SIDE of the HOUSE, right in MAIA'S ROOM.

(Well, like in the Ramona book, he didn't actually chop a hole. He used a concrete cutter. But he still came right through the wall, and that was COOL.)

Maia and I were doing some desultory cleaning in her room while S was over. Then I realized that it was almost 11 and she still wasn't dressed, so we picked out some clothes and got her PJs off. Right then I got distracted by some other clothes that needed to be put away, and in a burst of adulthood I decided to do just that. Maia made a break for it up the stairs, which was not unexpected, but the entrance of S into the house to see where the hole would come through was.

Next thing I hear is Maia's loud happy voice: "I'm NAKED! I like being naked!"

And S -- a strong, taciturn North Shore man -- said, "It's nice to be naked in your own home!"

Postscript: She wasn't totally naked -- she had underwear on. But, you know, still.

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