Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That Day

The last time John saw Paul Wellstone was at an SEIU rally at the State Capitol. It was at most a few weeks before the election. It was a raw, windy day. I was closing in on 100 months pregnant and John wanted me to hold him because it was so cold. We compromised by sitting on the ledges that flank the grand staircase into the Capitol (I'm glad no one has a video tape of me hefting myself onto the ledge). The carpenters' semi truck was there, and we went over to talk to the people Matt had worked with. They gave John hot chocolate, which boosted his spirits.

Back on the ledge, we watched a bunch of people talk and holler. John was getting restless and I was getting cold. Finally Paul spoke -- not long, but enough to get people really excited and energized. When it was over, we walked over to talk to him.

He was doing a radio interview. We stood apart a little. I wanted to at least catch his eye and nod before we left. As he was talking into the microphone, Paul looked up a little and saw John. Midsentence, he cried, "HI, JOHN!" and waved. John waved back, and Paul went on with the interview.


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  2. that's a great story, krup. What a wonderful person he was.

    (sorry about the deleted comment above - that was me).

  3. I took a poli sci class with Paul Wellstone around 1987, several years before his first Senate run. He knew your kid's name and interrupted an interview to say hi to him? That's wonderful.

    Check out these pictures of a Wellstone tribute car: (Ignore the part where the blogger reveals his anti-Wellstone bias.)