Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Question

If you heard the song "Dachau Cabana" by the Vandals on a public radio music station, what, if anything, would you do?


  1. That's a "public radio music station" as in it's an NPR station, not that it's a public radio music station and not a satellite music station or something. Geddit?

    I've already started my reaction, but I'm interested in what others might think. Google the song for the lyrics; I don't want them here.

    And, my word verification is a real word! Granted, a TM, but still! Almay!

  2. Sharikov4:47 PM

    I'd say thank God for "the Current."

  3. I didn't hear it on the Current.

  4. sharikov9:48 PM

    but I would have...

  5. Can you get it down there?

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I'm sorry, this is completely not on the topic of your post, but I just saw a competition for the Ugliest Pillow In America, and I immediately thought of the Boob Pillow and I had to tell you.

    Anna Phor

  7. Oh, if only the boob pillow were mine! I would totally enter.

    I'm waiting for the day when someone e-mails me that photo and says, "Have you ever seen a pillow as weird as THIS?" And I'll be all, "Dude, that's totally ME."

  8. Well, having been to Dachau, I find the idea of this song completely repulsive. I mean, I have a sense of humor and everything (you know this), and am also pretty open-minded, pro free speech, etc. But I don't recall seeing any cabanas at the concentration camp.

    And I do have vivid memories of seeing dissecting tables in the forensic lab, with fine scratches in them made by the Nazi pathologists' scalpels. And finding that to be terribly intimate and horrifying, given how they obtained bodies for their "research".

    Public radio, shame on you.


  9. It was KUWS. Their response has been less than satisfying.

  10. At least the bad guys die at the end. /gallows humour. But yeah, i think i'd still complain about getting this on the radio.

    The word verification i'm getting (ldlzx) could almost be an email address in my department. We have ldy, ldx and ldz, but no ldl as yet.