Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Nicest Clue-In Ever In An Expensive Store

We went to Design Without Repercussions last weekend as part of a trip to the Cities (I know, I know! We called NONE of you!). What a great store. I want it all. They were also so kind to the kids, and didn't act like we were totally outrageous for deciding to reproduce and then bring the fruits of our labor into a store. Maybe we looked rich, or something. And maybe the free food -- cheese, crackers, mini rolls, fruit and orange juice, kept the kids in line.

They were fine with the kids sitting on the expensive furniture, and the kids, it must be said, were pretty good. But when John was sitting in this chair:

...the clue-in came.

"What a funny chair!" John said as Maia crawled underneath and stuck her head through the hole -- excuse me, the negative space.

"Isn't that fun?" the owner said. "I bet that chair costs more than you would guess."

"Ten thousand dollars!" said John, not one to be proven wrong.

"Well, no," she said. "But it is seven thousand."

Time to get off the chair.


  1. I recently went to an Eames film festival at that store. Fun! Have you ever seen "Powers of Ten"? I bet there's a bunch of stuff about it online if you Googled. A pretty amazing film, considering it was done in the pre-digital age.

    But re. you visiting DWR and not calling me, a designer who lives close by....I will now commence with giving you the silent treatment...


  2. I know, we're so bad. We were doing kind of a Blitzkrieg version of our chores in the Cities. We'll be back there one of these days, though, to pick up our furniture orders (but sadly, nothing from DWR).

    Speaking of silence, update your blog! The readers! They weep!

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

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  4. Wow, someday I hope to be cool enough to even window-shop at such places. I'm such a doof. We pretty much still have all hand-me-downs. And the things we've bought have fairly quickly become weathered -- perhaps furniture aging is contagious???

  5. Roxy M.5:08 PM

    the funny thing about this story is that the designers of that chair, Charles and Ray Eames, would have been much happier about your kids playing on it than about the $7K price tag -- that chair was never put into production during either of their lifetimes because it was so expensive to produce that it wouldn't have been in most consumers' price range.

    you and John (and Maia, though she's probably a bit too young to be interested in furniture design history) should do some research on the Eameses. they're extremely fascinating.