Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On My Oath

John's been big with the oaths lately. I don't know if it comes from reading all the Narnia books all summer or what. I reminded him a few days ago that he would need to remember to bring home ALL the papers he got at school, not like LAST year, when the vast majority of them sort of established a permanent colony in his desk. So a few minutes later, he brings me a piece of paper that says "OATH: I will bring all my papirs home. Sinseerly, John."

When he found his best friend wouldn't be in his class, he said, "I think when I find Justin at recess I'll get him to sign an oath, and that oath will be that on Free Fridays, when we can sit where we want to at lunch, we promise on our oath to sit next to each other. I think I'll do that."

And then, a couple weeks ago we were talking about a developer who wants to build up here. He's committed to signing a Project Labor Agreement. John was trying to decide how he felt about this, because it doesn't fit into his black-and-white thinking -- he's against the development, but once he learned about the PLA, he was glad about it. I was explaining what a PLA is, and described it as a promise, a contract.

And then John, looking like a page with his golden hair, or even maybe a young King Peter, looked up at me and said solemnly, "And if he breaks that oath?"

And it was really hard not to slam my mead-horn upon the table in the great hall, draw my sword, and say, "Then we name him Oathbreaker, and his blood is forfeit."


  1. But why on earth wouldn't you?

  2. WHAT? And risk spilling mead? I name you Meadwaster!

  3. Oooooh...good point.
    But seeing as how the local place across town makes their own (very dang excellent) mead, I could also be Meadreplacer.

  4. And it's 8:26 a.m. and now I really want a mead. Dang it.

  5. Psycho Kitty sought to slake,
    Replaced her pot of potent potion
    Spilling it seemed a stupid error
    No longer waster she found one more
    Meadbearer she is best of bloggers

  6. Dang it, I couldn't format that right, with the spaces in the middle of the lines. As in:

    Psycho Kitty..........sought to slake
    Replaced her pot..........of potent potion
    Spilling it seemed.......a stupid error
    No longer waster.....she found one more
    Meadbearer she is.......best of bloggers

    /Ambitions for an English major