Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Backpacks! Made in USA! Bags Too!

Maia got her first backpack yesterday. She squealed, hugged it, and has been wearing it constantly since. Since it's a full-size pack, it almost pulls her over, but she troops around like the cutest sherpa ever.

Yesterday, while coloring at the kitchen table with her backpack on, she said, "Mom, I love my backpack."

"And did you know it was made in Minnesota?" I said.

"WOW!" she cried. "Dat means it never will break!"

"Well," I began, but she was off.

"And our house! Our house was made in Minnesota, too! So it will never break!"

"You're right!"

"And dis table!" she went on, pointing. "It was made in Minnesota, too!"

"Uh, no," I said. "Actually, I think it was made in Wisconsin."

Her face fell. "Oh. So dat means it will break. Right, Mommy?"

Hee! Without casting aspersions on our neighbors to the -- well, as the crow flies -- south, we were very pleased to find a backpack made in Minnesota. It probably would have been more useful to post this information -- which I'm not getting paid for -- before school started, but if you're in the market for backpacks, athletic bags (hockey bags, etc.), briefcase-style bags, fanny packs and so on, I've been so pleased with these backpacks I highly recommend this company.

Battle Lake Outdoors is located in Clarissa, Minnesota. We've ordered a backpack for each kid and will likely pick up an athletic bag for John's hockey stuff (see ya, tacky Nike bag made in China that we got because we were ignorant at the time!). Their Web store is easy to use, and both backpacks shipped in less than a week. Buy them! They're wonderful.


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    It wasn't Nike, and I did know better.

  2. We did know better, but when I say "ignorant," I meant we couldn't find an alternative, such as a salad lunch.

    I think you should just log in as "Editor in Chief."