Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh, So That's How It Works

From the L.A. Times:

Fifteen Roman Catholic women in the United States, including some Californians, face excommunication after taking up priestly duties following their "ordination" in recent ceremonies designed to challenge the all-male priesthood.

On Thursday, Jane Via of San Diego, who was ordained in June and planned to say her second Mass on Sunday, met for two hours with the local bishop, who laid out the ramifications of her actions.

Three women in other states have received letters from diocese officials warning that they chose to excommunicate themselves when they participated in an illicit ordination near Pittsburgh on July 31. In San Jose, diocese officials warned that a woman priest there was not properly ordained.


All of the ceremonies were conducted on chartered boats — theoretically beyond the jurisdiction of the local diocese — amid the medieval pomp of the traditional rite.

Via was among two women ordained on Lake Constance, which borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in June. In the first service of its kind in the United States, eight women were ordained in the July 31 ceremony at the confluence of three rivers near Pittsburgh. A year ago, four women, including a Canadian, were ordained in the international waters of the St. Lawrence Seaway between Canada and the United States.

Presiding over some of the ordinations were three European women recently consecrated as bishops in secret ceremonies allegedly led by five bishops who remain in good standing with the church. The identities of the male bishops, who wish to remain anonymous to avoid excommunication, were notarized and then placed in a bank vault, the women priests said.

As I've mentioned before, I was raised Catholic. I don't consider myself part of the church anymore, for a variety of reasons. I reject the notion that women can't be spiritual leaders, I question the wisdom of having people "outside the world" (celibate male priests) guiding people still in the world, I -- well, I could go on.

I found the article interesting and admire the courage of those women. But the reason I'm bringing this up is the quote later on in the article:

The U.S. Conference of Bishops in Washington has yet to take a formal position on the issue. In an interview, Father Thomas Weinandi, executive director of the conference's secretariat of doctrinal and pastoral practices, said: "A woman cannot possibly be ordained a priest. It can't be done. It won't stick, no matter how hard you try."

It won't...stick? It won't STICK? Ohhh, OK then! It won't stick. That must be the simple version of sacramental gender symbolism and the upholding of the relationship between Jesus and his male disciples.

Sorry, my eyes can't roll that hard.


  1. Heh. He should try telling Schori that it's not gonna stick.

  2. And the interesting thing is that there is NOTHING in any religious writng to indicate that women should not be church leaders OR why priests should be celibate. Historically, it all comes down to money - priests were to be celibate so that any property would stay with the church when they died, and there are similar reasons why women weren't allowed to be priests. *Big* eye roll here!

  3. Sharikov10:06 AM

    This is a scientific fact. Women and men are biologically different. This is because of a different balance of the four humours (also influenced by the motion of the heavens, and by the invisible machinations of totemic spirits such as elves, sylphs and gnomes). Why is modern science so hard to understand for you, Krupskaya? Or have you been corrupted by those who think the earth is "round" and not stationary in the universe? Why ignore the evidence of your own observation?!?

    Men are simply stickier than women. It has to be that way so that women can have babies. If women weren't slippery, the babies would be stuck and couldn't get out. Men, on the other hand have to be sticky, so that they have better grip when they pick up heavy things and do other manly tasks.

    You are rubber, I am glue. Whenever someone tries to ordain you it bounces off and sticks to me, cause that's what Jesus would do!

  4. All hail Sharikov, High Priest of Sticky!

  5. That was an awesome comment. I can't possibly say anything more.

  6. ...and yet it's the Catholics who venerate Mary. I never really got that hypocrisy.

    That, and I can't believe the Lake Constance ordination wouldn't stick after enough appeals to reach the pope. I mean, he's German...he oughta love that.