Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh Hell No.

Some people have the idea that it can't ever get as bad as it was. They better look around.

From the Bismarck Tribune:

* * *
For some Northwest Airlines employees about to be outsourced, a handbook issued by the airline adds insult to injury.

The book, "Restructuring Q&A and Employee Support," has been given to some Northwest ground crews, and includes information on outsourcing and what options are available to employees.

A Bismarck Municipal Airport union steward found one part of the book galling.

That section offers advice on how to cope with job loss. A list of 101 money-saving ideas suggests they ask friends and family for hand-me-down clothes or ask a doctor for free samples of their prescription drugs. Idea No. 46 - "Don't be shy about pulling something you like out of the garbage."

Also included is an advertisment for a real estate agent, in case laid-off workers need to sell their homes, and tips on how to keep a positive attitude after losing a job.

The information...came from an outside company, and wasn't intended to be insulting, Northwest spokesman Roman Blahoski said.

"In putting that book together, we were just trying to provide the employees with as much information as possible. Not everything in there is going to be applicable to every employee,"he said.

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