Sunday, June 25, 2006


Scene: Outside Dairy Queen
Players: John, Maia, Matt and I
Lead-in: We are sitting and eating ice cream on a summer evening, the very picture of small-town domestic bliss.

John: Mom? How come your car is so messy, and everything is all over and stuff, and when we ride in Dad's truck, he tells us not to make a mess and not spill anything and to be really careful? And his truck is all nice and neat?

I turn to Matt, frowning slightly as I choose the right words. Matt gazes into my eyes and without the slightest bit of sarcasm says:

Matt: I swear I did not tell him to say that.

And I believe him.


  1. You know, I seem to recall an era when Matt's truck was not so nice and neat...

  2. But as he points out -- correctly, of course -- it wasn't trash cluttering the truck. It was useful stuff like tapes, coffee mugs, packs of cigarettes and glow-in-the-dark banana slugs.

  3. Yeah....sure....that's what I recall....

    But I shouldn't talk. If Matt went from messy to tidy, I've gone quite the other direction. And it's difficult to argue that not-quite-empty sippy cups, snack baggies with mushy things, and whatever else lurking in my vehicle is useful.

  4. Thanks Krup. Now all I want is a Blizzard!!!!!