Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Now That's Luxury

There's no excuse for the hiatus I just took, unless it's the amazing weather we've had, the two trips I've taken in two weeks, or just because I'm feeling lazy. It's all possible.

Over the weekend, we stayed a Rochester hotel favored, it was said, by members of the Saudi royal family when they came to town to go to the Mayo Clinic. I'm thinking it was perhaps those members of the Saudi royal family who had been disowned for secretly investigating solar power, or building covert hydroelectric dams. John was blown away by the idea, however, and it must be said that all the flags draped in the pool area were from the Middle East.

We knew it was a luxury hotel, though, because of what John said after we told him of the Saudi connection and entered our room.

"Of course royal people stay here!" said our resident expert on Middle East potentates. "Look at the room! It's got free water! And a TV! And TWO beds!"

The beds? Doubles. And the water was $2.95 a bottle.


  1. Sharikov10:52 PM

    Doesn't compare to Duluth's broad selection of 5 star hotels?

  2. Ha! It DOES sound like I'm harshing on Rochester, doesn't it? Not at all. I'm just annoyed Matt didn't shell out for the Palace Royale suite, which was on our floor. Maybe that's where they keep the gold toilets.

  3. Sharikov12:42 PM

    If you want gold toilet seats, marry a Republican - not a progressive Democrat

  4. I dunno...negotiated wages can be pretty good. And don't say progressive. Them's fighting words.

  5. So...how 'bout regressive Democrat?

  6. Aggressive. *shows teeth*