Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Edit Barn Regrets the Errors

The problem with working on something thousands of people look at every day is that when there's an error, everyone sees it. And then everyone comes to you about it.

"Who edits the editors?" Matt bellows through the cell phone as he finds a typo on a page I didn't even work on. "WHO?"

Who indeed? On this blog, I have no excuse. A fellow-traveler edits this particular editor. And so does her mom.

• Matt and John have not watched "Tommy" together. They have listened to it together. Although as JT pointed out in the comments, it is not out of the realm of possibility to watch "Tommy" with one's child. I remember, when I was about 11, being most annoyed that my mom wouldn't take me to see "Pink Floyd: The Wall." After all, it was totally a kids' movie! It had cartoons in it!

• The couch we screamed on was actually called Dean, not Howard. Who would buy a couch called Howard? I was confusing them with the IKEA chairs we're going to get for the kitchen, which are called Roger. We keep talking about when we'll bring Roger into our life, but we keep putting off the day. Also, Howard Dean offered an apology for what he said. Now if he'll just issue an apology for appearing with Pat Robertson...

• Helen Keller is on the Alabama quarter, not the one from South Carolina.

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  1. This is funny. =)

    Also, Roger was my dad's name, so I bet he would be honored to have chairs representing him in your kitchen. Then again, some of the poorly-built crap they pass off as goods at Ikea... Well, I assume that because they're called Roger, they're sturdy chairs.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. I want to love it unconditionally--- the whole Swedish thing, the coolness of its founder, the whole phillsophy of their commerce, etc. But often the quality, and also the sourcing and manufacturing issues, get to me. There's a reason that all of the design is done in Sweden, but all of the manufacturing is done in Bulgaria, Estonia, Laos, and China...