Thursday, May 25, 2006

But She Sure Played a Mean Pinball

The other day Matt was listening to the Leeds version of "Tommy" while laying down our new floor in the living room. John (who recently identified Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" as his favorite album du jour) was twitching around saying "Is this 'Pinball Wizard'? Is this one? Is this 'Pinball Wizard' yet?"

Matt told me that a couple weeks ago he had watched part of "Tommy" and John was blown away by the part where Tommy smashes the mirror, freeing himself from his self-imposed internal exile. Which is good, because it means he wasn't blown away by the part of Ann-Margret rolling around in baked beans.


Anyway, as John was bouncing around like a subatomic particle, the mirror-smashing bit came on. "John, this is it! He's smashing the mirror!"

John stopped jittering. "Is it 'Pinball Wizard'?"

"NO, it's the part where he smashes the mirror, and he can see and hear and talk again."

John leaped.

"OH! OH! OH! If only Helen Keller had had a mirror! Then she could have smashed it and then she could see and hear again!"

I stepped in as the voice of reason. "John, you know that's not how that works." I prepared a small speech on the virtues and weaknesses of allegory, but he cut me off.

"I KNOW, Mom," he said, laughing like crazy and twirling in place. "It's just a FANTASY."


  1. The whole point of this post, which I forgot about in my hunt for an Ann-Margret photo, was that the North Carolina quarter is the first American currency to depict an avowed Socialist. Rock on, Hellen Keller!

  2. I can't even tell you how much the movie "Tommy" freaks me out. My parents took us to "Tommy" when it was in the theaters. I don't think they expected it to be as twisted as it was -- the scary part of Keith Moon singing "Fiddling About," the Acid Queen (ugh, that acid-needle sarcophagus), and Ann-Margret in the baked beans. I've tried to watch it as an adult and it still freaks me out. I love the music, but the imagery! Yikes!

  3. we need to call the social workers yet? =)

    If I ever show Tommy to my girls, it will be a parting gift when they're off to college, perhaps.