Thursday, May 11, 2006

...And Washington! And Iowa! And the 700 Club! Blaaaahhhh!

In our extensive shopping for a totally new living room, we spent a lot of time sitting down on and getting up from couches, loveseats and chairs. One couch we really liked but which didn't quite fit was one at (I think) Restoration Hardware. This couch, like all couches now, had a name, and its name was Howard. Matt and I made quite a pain out of ourselves sitting on this couch and giving the Dean Scream and getting up again and sitting down again. We liked Howard, but knew we couldn't bring him into our home because we would spend all our time sitting down and going "Blaaaahhhh!"

Anyway. I'm glad to see that Dean, by going on the Christian Broadcasting Network and saying that the Democratic Platform doesn't support gay marriage, which is as it should be (he says), is continuing the clueless Democratic leadership we've all grown to know and love. I was always a little iffy about Dean -- much like the Howard couch -- because while I liked him at first, the more I got to know him, the more I saw his self-applied "progressive" label as liberalism warmed over on the center burner. And I see now I was right.

I'm all about reaching out to unexpected audiences and hoping to get new voters. But for crying out loud, don't do it on the backs of people you claim to support. Oh, and that platform he describes? Doesn't exist. So there. Shut up, Howard. Or I'll sit on you.


  1. Okay, so there's either a new Restoration Hardware in Duluth, or you were couch shopping down here and didn't stop by to say hi, or...?

    finger wag

  2. Heh. This was quite some time ago. And we were staying with Grandma A! You can't deny the power of Grandma A.

  3. Also (to continue the excuse-mongering), the kids were at Grandma A's, so Matt and I were on our own, which was practically, you know, a date.

  4. Don't worry--- I understand. This is funny, because our last date before Anne was born (that morning) consisted of going out for breakfast, and then buying a new table and chairs for the kitchen.

    The furniture transaction was done at about 10:45 am, and we made it just in time for the scheduled 11:00 induction.

    And this marked the end of our coordination with / control of Anne's schedule...

    Hey, the word verification is "muvex". What a great word! File under "great unused band names".