Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I was inside folding laundry (no, really, I was!) and I heard a song from outside, wafting through the front door like a breeze:

"Run outside in our underwear! Run outside in our underwear! Run outside in our underwear!"

I looked out the window and saw the kids doing just that. Since it *is* only 50-some degrees, I insisted on clothes.

After I went back inside, I heard John say, "Maia, from now on, let's call Mom 'Evil Mama,' OK?"


  1. HAH! Evil Mama indeed, forcing those poor children to wear clothes. I'm calling the Dept. of Family Services right now to report you.

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I know of a child who once ran around outside nekkid. She turned out OK even if her kids do think she is "evil".

  3. The above comment is from Mom.

  4. Below 60 degrees, though? Yipes.

    Also, my mom just wrote "nekkid" on my blog. \m/

  5. Okay. I'm marrying you.

  6. I think your son and mine must go to the same "school"! Mine is five and a half, so hasn't progressed to calling me evil yet, but "grumpy mommy" and "mean mommy" are up there. For things like saying - "stay away from the stove, it's hot" and "no, we can't go swimming in the neighbour's pool" (that was yesterday - we live in Canada!) Yeesh!

    And I love that your mom wrote "nekkid" on your blog!!!!

  7. It must be a Far Reaches of the North thing. My grandmother used to send the boy cousins out in their skivvies all the time because it was easier than getting clay out of their socks.

    I actually have photos of one of them doing sparklers in his underwear. :)