Sunday, March 19, 2006

Third Year Thoughts

Three years ago, I was marching in a chilly, rainy war protest with four-year-old John and five-month-old Maia. I was with my good friend Ethelred (who comments here), who was in her Elite Anarchist outfit -- all black, all Columbia. John had made a sign that said "No war" and had a big smiley face on it. He was worried that people might think that the smile meant he thought war was a good thing, but I told him I was pretty sure people would know what he was getting at.

(A few months later, he made my favorite anti-Bush (but not anti-war) sign, which was "No Bush, Bush is 3," which I think is the greatest insult from a four-year-old.)

So you can imagine my surprise when John said this evening before bed, 'You know, I don't like the war, but I think we should bomb the Iraqis before they bomb us."

Holy shit, my son could be president!

I'm thinking he got it from school, although he said he just "thinks it." We had long talk then. Maybe too long -- he smiled at me and said, "Mom, I think we're stalling." (I often tell him he's stalling when he keeps talking before lights out.)

* * * * *
When debating whether to put an Iraq story on the front page for Sunday, a co-worker voted no, saying, "You know, the thing with this third anniversary story...there's going to be a fourth anniversary story."


  1. Was that really three years ago? That's so incredibly depressing that I can barely breathe.

    On a lighter note, weren't there some college kids who were cooing over us or taking our picture or something because they thought we were a lesbian couple (me pushing the stroller & you holding John's hand)?

    Anarchist Elite -- heh.

  2. Yes! They cooed over us AND took our picture -- from behind. I thought that was hilarious.

    Didn't you have a funny name for wearing all black? I couldn't remember what it was. Or am I making that up? I mean, three years ago...argh, very depressing.

  3. Sheena8:07 PM

    The bombing started early that day Australian time, and that evening I was at a Springsteen & E Street Band concert.

    Bruce opened with a very slow,low key, acoustic solo of "Born in the U.S.A.", and made a couple of lyric changes in other songs ("beneath peaceful skies" in "No Surrender"), but other than that, didn't talk about it as much as I'd expected. This was not long after "The Rising" had been released, so there were a lot of "healing" type songs anyway, which fit the mood, even if the overt political references were sparse.

    It was a good place to be at a time like that - at any time really, but particularly then.