Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Peter, Paul and Maia

Maia's new song:

If I had a mama, I'd like her in the morning.
I'd like her in the evening, all over dis land.
I'd sound out danger! I'd sound out pa-ants!
I'd mama out love 'tween brudders and sistahs,
Aaallll over dis land. Ooo, ooo, ooo.
I'd danger outta warnin'! I'd danger out socks!
Aaalll over dis land. Ooo, ooo, ooo.


  1. No comments? C'mon, people, how much cuter do I have to get? I shoulda just posted on gay marriage like I was planning earlier. THEN I'd be rolling in the comments. *kicks rock*

  2. It's very cute and made me smile. But the masses don't always visit your blog immediately after you post something, sunshine. Sometimes it takes a day or two. *pats Krup reassuringly, gives Krup a beer*

  3. It is cute, but I have a competing lyric from Emma; her version of U2's 'Elevation' which seems to be her favorite song (I had nothing to do with this).

    Chorus (original):
    A mole, living in a hole
    Digging up my soul now
    Going down, excavation
    I and I in the sky
    You make me feel like I can fly
    So high, elevation!

    Chorus (Emma):
    A mo', living in a ho'
    Digging up my so'
    Goin down, excaration
    *garble* sky
    *garble* fly
    So high, eh-ha-way-SHUH!

    Truly, it's a case where Bono's lyrics are so ridiculous, a toddler's interpretation is scarcely sillier.

  4. Ethelred, I MUST HAVE validation. I weep without it.

    Kris, lay some Michael Stipe on Emma; see what she does with that.

  5. We need a Scorpio duet. Although the Girl lately has been more on some sort of Goth bend..."Waaaaving da flower over da brudder...waaaaving da flower over da mama....waaaaving da flower over da mooooon...waaaaaving da flower over da meadows of da niiiigggghhhht..."
    Hey! Guess what! Now that we have evil TV, I let the kids watch that show "Maya & Miguel" and every time it comes on, the Girl starts jumping up and down yelling "Maia!!!! It's Maia!!!! My friend Maia!!!!!!! From Miss Kropskishawshi!"

  6. Emma doesn't like R.E.M., though I haven't tried "Life's Rich Pageant" or anything else that rocks out a bit more.

    It has to be wokanwoll, or she simply doesn't have time for it.

    So far, bands like Guided by Voices and Franz Ferdinand make the cut. I suppose Arcwelder or Husker Du and the like would do the trick as well.

    Meanwhile, Sarah's favorite album continues to be "Arthur's Christmas". (yes, year-round, every damn bedtime of the year) *sigh* I guess I should appreciate the lingering innocence while it lasts.

  7. Give that child some Chrissie Hynde, Kris. :)

    Krup, that's ADORABLE.

  8. OK, she's just too cute for words.


  9. ok ok..howabout 2 and a half year old's interpretation of the 'song of the king jive' number from Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat - (Grandpa had the misfortune to be onstage playing a grizzled Jacob with a student production which said small person visited with big brother)
    Scene: outside old person's bedroom, 6.00am
    (Large whispers off)
    Big brother:'no-o-o it's blapblapshoowandeewandee..
    Small person (VERY loudly through keyhole)
    (with actions....)