Monday, February 13, 2006

Look, I'm Not In It For the Conspiracy

Dick Cheney shot a man this weekend while hunting quail at a game park. Shotgun blast to the face. The man, a lawyer by the name of Whittington, is conveniently not commenting out of respect for Cheney. What a classy guy!

I've heard reports that Whittington "came up behind" or "snuck up behind" the hunting party. I'm all for being aware of where you are in relation to a hunting party, and letting people know where you are when hunting. But for crying out loud, the first thing they teach you when hunting is know what you're shooting.

Also, I'm just curious: How the hell does someone come up behind the vice president of the United States while carrying a gun in his hand? Hello, Secret Service, I'm talking to you!

Also, what Cheney was doing this weekend was not hunting. He was driving around in a car on a game park, jumping out to shoot whenever he saw something.

Also, if he wanted to shoot stuff without any sport, he shouldn't have gotten his five draft deferrments.

Cheap shots, all, I know. Sometimes I can't help it.


  1. There's some justice in this. For something to go awry when this administration is all about excruciatingly careful choreography of every little event that takes place...

    And that'll learn ya to go hunting with a Wyoming cowboy. pow pow! Mind yourself and stay clear of the shot, you idiot!

    After all, guns aren't dangerous--- guns in the hands of good people are fine. It's just when guns are in the hands of bad people that they're dangerous. Er...or maybe it's when stupid people get in front of bad people with guns, or smart people get in front of smart people with stupid guns, or...what?

    Okay...back to shootin'...pow pow! To hell with Heston's reasoning, I guess!

  2. AFAIK, Whittington's not commenting because he's STILL in the ICU. From Saturday. Not Good.

  3. Yeah, Portia, I know. In one of the wire stories I saw, a spokesman actually said that Whittington was not commenting "out of respect for the vice president." I call bullshit, myself. I mean, jeez.

    Smart people in front of smart people with stupid guns -- hee!

  4. Exactly! Like, how long do they really expect people to buy this stuff? And are they going to get away with it *again*? The guy had a heart attack today, it's just a mess.