Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In Which I Am Compared to Laika

John wrote this composition on the back of one of his worksheets:

"My mom came from rashea. thet is were the ferst space dog came from."


  1. And what have you been telling this boy, anyway? You emigrated from Russia? I suppose you survived the siege of Leningrad, too?... =)

    If I had the time, what comes to mind is to Photoshop you into photos of great scenes in Russian history. Marching in front of dead leaders lying in state in Red Square, etc.

  2. Ha! He was extremely disappointed when I told him that I lived in Russia, but that didn't mean that I came from Russia.

    Although, let's see -- the courtship between Matt and I was largely over e-mail; he came to Russia and proposed to me; I came home from Russia...I have an uneasy feeling that there might be some people in John's school life who might think I'm a mail-order bride.

  3. That's hilarious...I hope you show up at school events speaking with a faux accent.

    An e-mail courtship but pre-dating web sites (or should that be predating dating web sites?). That makes you pioneers of a sort, does it not?

  4. That's us, always on the vanguard.