Monday, January 16, 2006

North Country Day

Our pond has finally refrozen, and we all now own skates. Who would have thought a Cornhusker would raise a couple of rink rats?

Now starting at center for the Minnesota Wild:

Here is a picture of our little skating pool grotto area. In the way upper right, you can see the deck on the house. Behind us, you can see the bridge that goes over the creek. I have just finished getting up after falling on my ass in my new skates. Maia skated over to me and said, "Get up, Mama! You can do it! There you go! Now hold my hand, and I'll help you. Keep your feet together! Good job!" In the meantime, John might not have the hockey form, but he certainly has the hockey hair:

See my new skates? Thanks, Dad!

(That second photo isn't the best, but I've redone it like five times now. I'm done.)


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    You are very welcome.


  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    When I show these pictures to friends they can't believe it's your front yard. Wonderful!

  3. That isn't my front yard! It's my back yard. :)