Friday, December 02, 2005


Thanksgiving weekend and Maia's new collection of germs conspired to keep me from blogging lately. Which is an OK thing, because I haven't felt particularly blogful lately. Maia, it turned out, had strep and possibly croup, and it's the first time in a long time I've seen her slow down. She's better now, thanks to sweet, sweet amoxicilin.

* * *

I'm not big on regret. I'd much rather regret something I'd done than something I hadn't done, and in both cases I don't spend much time on it. But I did come up with a list of things I should have done. Not exactly regrets. Just should haves.

I should have picked the Duster, not the Mustang.

I should have sat next to Paul.

I should have eaten the reindeer.

I should have bought the drawing, an icon-like Virgin Mary with her face blocked by a dark oval, all rendered in ballpoint pen on newsprint.

I should have torn up that letter without sending it.

I should have pushed more to be a senatorial aide.

I should have taken that phone call.

I should have punched Dave.

I should have applied to the University of Chicago.

I should have tried to get to Tallinn.

I should have taken Matt to see Rage Against the Machine in St. Petersburg.

I should have shut up to hear what Kevin was trying to say.


  1. I'll speak to two of your regrets:

    - If you had gone to the U of Chicago, you wouldn't have met Matt (or me, but I don't mean to sound self-important with that...)
    * Then again, maybe you would have met Ziad Munson or Dave Knutson, in which case you might have still met Matt anyway. But then he wouldn't have liked you.
    - Tallinn is were Finns go to gamble, get drunk, and have casual sex. (When I heard, during my MFA research trip to Finland in 2002, that I should go there but then heard why they were recommending it, I decided it didn't really fit into my itinerary)
    *, drinking, sex: so maybe you should have gone to Tallinn when you had the chance! =)


  2. Heh, I met Ziad and Dave anyway, without going to the U of Chicago! I think I should have applied because I'd planned on it, just to see if I could. But I didn't even try, which is too bad.

    I heard about Tallinn as the place to go for cheap excellent beer and nice architecture. But then, that's when the Finns were still going to Vyborg for the gambling, drinking and sex.