Thursday, December 15, 2005

Go Home From Yonder Bus Stop, Because There's a Blessing on the Ground*

So we had our first real snowstorm of the season yesterday. We had snow days yesterday AND today, and more snow than Maia's ever seen in her life. Here are some photos -- only one, and a peripheral one at that, of the house. We're so excited about the land and location, it's hard to remember to take pictures of the house.

Here, as promised, is Maia bundled and in choppers:

Here is how John spent some of his time outside: listening to the snow fall. (I dunno why it isn't showing up.)

This part of the deck, and what the deck looks at. It's awesome, except for the fake well, which hides a septic stack. The bridge goes over the stream.

Here is how the stream looked in the fall:

And here is our lake access, through the culvert:

Oh, and the snow you see? We now have twice that.

* Tip o' the hat to the first one to credit the lyric.


  1. I am SO inviting myself over for a visit. Just so you know.

  2. How did Maia's West Coast cousin get to her house? Isn't that who is all bundled up out in the snow?

  3. *Wonderful* pictures! Thank you for posting them!

  4. *sigh* GORGEOUS! Especially that girl. Those cheeks. They beg for the smooching.

  5. Mrs. Braintree, you're a chilly northern woman!

  6. PK: Well, we're plowed out now, so access is open. Until the next lake storm.

    Mom: You can tell this isn't Maia's West Coast cousin, because the amount of snow we would make him cry. Maybe his mom, too. Certainly his dad. Heh.

    Emilin and Amazon: Thanks. And yes, she is a smoocher.

    And finally, a tip o' the hat to Ethelred, who, if not a Toolmaster from Brainerd, is certainly a chilly northern woman. Go home! Go home and take a snow day, Mrs. Braintree!

  7. your sister3:20 PM

    What's with the lack of love for the West Coast crew? Makes me titter all the more over the dropped word in your snarkiness!