Monday, December 12, 2005


When John was younger, we used to have talks about how all colors were for all people and everybody, because his favorite color for quite some time was pink. When he was VERY young this wasn't a problem, but as he got a little older he would talk about how some kids said pink was a girls color, that boys couldn't like pink, and so on. So I came up with the line that all colors were for all people, and that's just how it was.

Last night, Maia and I had this discussion:

"I want a pink dress with pink ruffles and a pink piano and a pink computer."

"Wow, you sure like pink, don't you, Bug."

"Yah. It's my favorite. I like pink, and John likes green."

"All colors are beautiful, aren't they."

"YAH! And black is beautiful."

"You're right! It is."

"Sometimes black is not beautiful, dough."

"Oh yeah? Like when?"

She ponders. Then: "Black is not beautiful when a tiger is chewing it up. Arum-rum-rum." (Those are chewing noises, and she made chewing motions with her hands.)

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