Saturday, November 12, 2005

Let Us Now Be Immature For A Moment

On the inside, I am nine. Because of this, lots of newsroom slang cracks me up. You may not share this low sense of humor, but I have a feeling some of you will.

At the risk of getting unwanted Google hits, here is a list of things one is apt to hear on a shift:

Hey, are you rimming tonight?

Did that page go down on you?

I need to get a reefer.

I'm on the slot.

I'm looking for the come box; anyone know where it is?



  1. Hah!

    I would suggest that you accompany any of these phases with exaggerated eyebrow lifts and a few elbow jabs to the ribs of the person next to you.

    "Anyone know where I can get a REEFER? EH? HA HA!"

    Then wait for stern reprimands from management.

  2. Oh, come now. None of those are the leaaaaaast bit entertaining. Nuh-uh!

  3. zenobia works sometimes as the slot. She has any number of jokes about it.

  4. Would you believe the Saturday NYT crossword included the word RIMMED right next to the word GAY? It's a fact.

  5. Snerk. I of course forgot to add the whole "How many inches you need?" "Oh, about nine or ten," thing, although as Matt the union carpenter points out, those comments are not necessarily limited to copy editors.