Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another Restaurant We Can't Go To

The scene: Dinner at a cafe up the road a ways. The restaurant is about 1/3 full.
The players: The four of us

The curtain rises. John is talking about something, but I can't remember what because of what he said next.

John: ...and not only that, but it's something you can talk about WHEN YOU GUYS ARE HAVING YOUR FUN IN BED.

Matt and I: Ah...hmmmmmm.

The curtain sets. End. Applause.


  1. Doh! That beats any of the restaurant commentary from our pack, that's for sure.

    But maybe we should be more nervous about Sarah just having bought a detective kit from the Scholastic book club at school?

  2. sheena2:57 PM

    Krupskaya, you forgot the most important issue: was John using his "Indoor Voice" when he said it?

    (And if the answer is "Yes, but it was his "on a theatre stage, projecting to the back rows" inside voice, then - ouch)

  3. He WAS using his indoor voice, which is the voice that reaches everyone who happens to be indoors at the time.

    I am guilty of selective editing for the sake of humor, however. Because then he went on to say, "...your fun in bed! You know, when you lie there and talk in your Gorm voices!"

    Kris, John wants a detective kit, too. Desperately.

  4. Love it! Howabout..same scenario only in hushed small hotel dining room...small boy arrives..trousers round ankles..'stage' whisper'Daddy, WIPE MY BUM....'
    ..end of social life......

  5. Silver, do I happen to know this child in question?

  6. uh-huh....trawl back to the 80's...think neighbours..think naughty boys,weird accents and a pair of lo-o-o-ng suffering parents! The best bit is that time and fate have visited 'fore mentioned charmer with a cracker of his own!
    Revenge is sweet......