Saturday, October 01, 2005

Stupid Patriarchy. Yargh.

Maia, as reported by Matt:

"When I big, I want to drive a excavator! But I want to be a girl, too."


  1. Hi Just to say that I love reading your blog... It always makes me smile. I especially liked the Vova story. Thanks.

  2. Oh, poor baby.

    Stupid society.

  3. Sophie, thanks. I always thought you were an awesome writer, so the compliment makes beam.

    Matt and I were trying to figure out where she might have gotten the idea that she couldn't be a girl and drive the excavator. We think it's because the only excavator driver she's ever seen is a guy -- they're replacing some sewers on the next street over and we watch them pretty much every day. So maybe that's where she got it.

    Matt talked to her about how he's worked with women operating engineers and about how you have to go to school to learn how to be one. I think Maia was hugely intrigued by something that combines two of her greatest loves: excavators AND school!

  4. Uh, "the complment MAKES me beam."

    I hate it when I make an error when writing about writing.

  5. And actually, that should say "the compliment makes ME beam." Stupid emphasis. Stupid uneditable comments.

  6. He he!
    I always try and watch my spelling and grammar when posting comments here, considering your expertise (profession?).
    Perhaps from now on I won't be so anxious.

  7. Sometimes I wish was an excavator operator. And a girl.