Sunday, October 30, 2005


Today is Maia's third birthday. In her world, three is the new two. She's been doing a ton of whining, clinging and active not-listening. She's also making breathtaking leaps in her vocabulary and speaking. Somehow, it evens out. Mostly.

This weekend was hard. We moved most of our stuff out of the farmhouse. I won't be spending all of my days off down there packing anymore. In a perfect Minnesota goodbye, however, we will be going down every other weekend or so, to bring back boxes from the machinery shed and the barn.

John starts his new school tomorrow. He seems nonchalant about it, although that may change after the first day or two.

I'll try to get pictures out this week.

Random fact about Maia: I love the way she says "ticklish": teekeeleesh!

Random fact about John: He used the word "habit" today: "I think Maia has a habit of dropping her carrots on the floor on purpose."

Random fact about Matt: He put up our mailbox and got a nice note from our carrier: "Good job! Thanks!" Way to go, Matt!

Random fact about me: I'm excited about grocery shopping for real tomorrow, and thinking up dinner plans for Matt and the kids for the next week.

Random fact about how far north we now are: When I drive home at night and pick up AM radio stations for fun, half are in Canada. One is Quebecois.

Random fact about AM radio stations at night: WGN (AM-720, Chicago) runs traffic reports at 1 a.m.

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  1. HEY! Happy birthday to my second-favorite SBFH in training! And happy moving/Halloween/grocery-buying Day!