Thursday, October 20, 2005

Can't Blog, Reading.

Everything will come to a halt as a I plow through the next Lemony Snickett book, "The Penultimate Peril." Can't blog, reading.


  1. AH! Jealousy is overwhelming me.

  2. So you must like the series? I've been meaning to read them; Sarah has most of them (the first 9 or 10) and loves them, and has read some of them more than once.

    But that series is on hold now as she plows through Harry Potter (not the newest, but the one before the newest, which we're making her finish before buying the new one). And judging by how she even brings it to the dinner table with her (not to read while she eats, but to crack open as soon as the plates are brought into the kitchen), I'm guessing that is also rating highly.

    It's fun to watch her utter obsession with reading, as it brings me back to that age and I remember the adrenaline rush of being completely devoured by a great story. It doesn't seem to happen in the same way for me anymore, probably because I tend to read more periodicals than get deep into lengthy books. Books get relegated to vacations now, for the most part.

  3. The Series of Unfortunate Events is great fun. Clever writing and great characters and a noble cause behind it all. It's very, very good.

    And Harry Potter as well. With both series, when a new one comes out, I'm 12 years old again. It's so much fun.