Thursday, October 20, 2005

By the Numbers'n'Stuff

Months I've lived with my in-laws: 5

Fraction of her life Maia has spent with her paternal grandparents: almost 1/6

Years we lived at the farmhouse: 6

Years I was unemployed while living there: 4

Years Matt and I were unemployed at the same time while living there: 1 (non-concurrent months)

Score John got on today's spelling test: 8/7

Bonus word: Minnesota

Which distance is shorter: That from the farmhouse to the road the farmhouse is on, or the new house to Lake Superior? The latter


  1. I'm impressed.

    But can he spell schnitzengruben ?

  2. God knows he hears it enough.

  3. Wow - we've been out of the loop lately - sounds like some great things afoot on the North Shore.
    At first, I thought you may have moved in with my folks, but they don't have nearly 8 acres in their backyard.
    Congratulations! We can't wait to visit.