Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blog Advisory

Watch this space. Things are happening. Within the next few days, I hope to post pictures of our new house and land. Eight acres on the North Shore. Stay tuned.


  1. Never in my life have I been happy to hear that someone's moving there. But you are! And I am!

    And and and...


  2. Oh no! Is there something we don't know about the area? A reason we SHOULDN'T move there? Cold feet set in...

  3. So, would you like a Swedish au-pair? The English is impeccable, knowledge of Swedish and Swedish customs is good, knows how to cook ancient swedish dishes and sing Swedish nursery rhymes.
    And I'm a licensed psychologist who needs some time off... I'm happy with room and board... :)

    And, what Frog said/shouted.

  4. Wahoooo! This is the bestest news EVER!!

  5. Oh, HEAVENS NO, Krup! It's just that in my life, people moving there are doing so because they feel obligated. The family land, the family ties, etc. If I hadn't grown up there, I'd want to live there in a second. As it is, there's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much family stuff there for me. That's all.

    Sorry to have flipped you out!

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    North Shore of What Exactly??? Do not assume all your faithful followers are familiar with US suburbia. Some of us are not . Jeesh.
    AND, another thing - Congratulations. This means the job, the house, away from in-laws, the whole thang falls into place?? Yeeehaaa. Or your favourite cheer.

  7. Suez, I'm being CRYPTIC. But I'll tell you this -- it's NOT suburbia. :)