Friday, September 02, 2005

Disbelief, Then Anger

I've been wanting to post about our trip to the State Fair, and some funny things that the kids have been saying lately. But the whole Katrina debacle makes it hard to think about anything else.

The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of this administration makes me sick. Every time I read a headline or a wire story, I am stunned:

• FEMA says no one could have imagined the extent of the damage -- even though in 1999 FEMA published a report on the three greatest trials this country could face. One was a terrorist attack on New York. One was a Category 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans. The third was a massive earthquake in San Francisco. Bay people, time to hit the hills.

• Bush gets up for a photo op and says "Out of the rubble of Trent Lott's house, we'll build a fantastic house! I can't wait to sit on the porch!" WHAT A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE!

• People who are supposed to be helping are blaming those who stayed behind after the evacuation order. It's easy for me to think about where I'd go. But that's because I have several cars that work, a credit card, and cash reserves. Many, many people don't. And it's the purpose of these aid agencies to help them out.

I'm incoherent with rage. We have learned nothing from 9/11. NOTHING. All the research, new departments, new levels of government, legislation, big talk about preparation and coming together -- all empty. It's hard to see that thousands must die for us to realize that.


  1. You put it very succintly, or, in other words, no f-ing kidding.

  2. absolutely.

    and I'd like to meet one of the 35% of the people on the cnn poll who felt that shrub was doing a good job. Good Job? Not leaving vacation is doing a good job?

    Maybe I'll extend my vacation next year and not bother to come to school for 2 days. I am quite sure 35% of my administration, students and parents will say that I did a good job.