Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Ukaz (from the Russian YKA3, ukaz, decree): In tsarist Russia, an imperial or religious proclamation that carried the force of law. After the Bolshevik Revolution, such a proclamation was generally called a dekret, decree. Under the current Russian constitution, an ukaz is a presidential decree not necessarily carrying force of law.

Zakaz (from the Russian 3AKA3, zakaz, order): An order at any Russian governmental level that implies direct and instant obedience.

Bikaz (related to the Russian root -KA3, -kaz, to show? to speak?): The way Maia pronounces the word "because," which carries force of law and implies direct and instant obedience.


  1. Hence every mother's favorite phrase, "Because I said so."

  2. The things your kids say! It makes me want to beg for pictures.
    But no, that would be presumptious, rude even.

    Ahem. *Cough* (Looks toward the sky with a hint of a smile.)