Friday, August 26, 2005

Party Pooper

At the grocery store yesterday, I picked up some Orange Essence Prunes. I'm not crazy about prunes, but I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and broaden my fruit horizons, which consist generally of apples and then some apples. Oh, and clementines! But other than that, not much.

While I was getting the kids lunch today, I spotted the bag I'd picked up and decided I'd try to get them to eat some, too. I pulled the bag out surreptitiously and tried to open quietly.

"What's that?" cried the snooper, who can hear a wrapper crackle at 100 paces.

"Oh, uh," I said, looking sheepish. "It's Orange Essence Prunes. They're chewy and juicy."

"Oooh," said John. "Can I have one? PLEASE?"

I looked doubtful. "They're only for special," I said, half-shrugging.

"Oh oh oh! PLEASE?" said John. "Just ONE?"

"Dust WON?" said the echo.

I relented. "OK," I said. "But just one. They're kind of grown-up." I picked one out and ate it with faked delight, although I have to say it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

"Oh, LOOK!" John said. "It's all shiny! I bet that's the orange part. It looks like a HAT!"

"Smells like bubble-gum!" said Maia, giving it her highest compliment.

They gobbled down their prunes. John begged for another one, which I gave him, and he said, "Oh Mom, these are GREAT! Can we please have these at my birthday party instead of cake?"

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