Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter Books Make Me Feel Like I'm 11 Again and Can Get Lost In Reading.

The Scene: Matt has gone back to the House That Must Be Sold, to do some mowing and tidying up, with John in tow. I have purchased the new Harry Potter book, with Maia in tow.

I call Matt on the cell phone.

Me: I love it! I love it already!

Matt: Ohhh kaaaaaayyy.

Me: It's perfect! I love it! Listen! This is the SECOND SENTENCE. "He" -- the Muggle prime minister, it means -- "He was waiting for a phone call from the President of a far distant country, and between wondering when the wretched man would telephone -- " Hee! I love it! "WRETCHED MAN!" It's GREAT! (It's no Busheney, but it's good.)

Matt: Heh.

Me: Yeah. I've already found the first typo, though, on page 10. Kind of a downer.

Matt: I suppose. So after kicking 9-year-olds out of the line, are you up in your room, lying on the bed on your stomach, reading with your feet kicked up in the air?

Me: Uh, no.

Matt: Oh! What are you doing?

Me: Um. I'm actually still in the book-store parking lot.


  1. Please, please come out for a visit. And bring the kids.

  2. Hey Krup...I finished it on a long drive though France..8 hours straight..won't split on the ending....gotta wait for the next one though..interesting developments in potterland....I hate literary critics..thank god I didn't give a stuff for them when I was 10..that way I developed into a real reader as an adult..anything from proust to comix..batman,superman,viz,mad..reading clears your brain..critics are dull and paid to be cynical,BO_OOOO_R___ING!!

  3. Silver -- getting paid to be cynical? I thought that's what copy editors did...hmmm...

    PK -- I know. SERIOUSLY.