Monday, June 20, 2005


One of the more interesting things about living here with my in-laws is that since Maia and I share a room, I've discovered what kind of sleeper she is.

A noisy one.

It's impossible to sleep in the same bed as John, but for a different reason -- he does a full-body workout as he sleeps. He tosses, turns, kicks, flails, twitches, grunts, snorts, drools, sweats and mumbles. He smells funny when he sleeps. He's also impossible to wake up. Once, when he was almost 3, he fell out of bed in the middle of the night, waking us up with the bump. Matt went in to check on him and found him standing next to the rocking chair in his room, bent at the waist, with his head on the seat. Sound asleep.

Maia is a calmer sleeper, but no less distracting. I didn't know this when she slept in a separate room, but I know it now.

Maia is the queen of the unintroduced scream. She can be in that deep, deep sleep that kids get, where it seems like they're not even breathing, and you have to poke them to make them inhale so you can sleep with peace of mind, and then it's like a cop car is running its siren in the crib at the foot of my bed.

I sit straight up, grasping my chest to keep my heart from leaping out of it, and scramble to look in the crib, certain that Maia is on fire, or something, and I see her sleeping peacefully.

I hate that.

Other times, she'll holler, "NOOOOO!" with way too much outrage for 1:15 a.m., which is just about when I drop off to sleep.

But the other night, she surprised me. Just after I fell asleep, she started fidgeting and making this snurfling noise, which woke me up a bit. I closed my eyes to drift off again, when she yelled, "CAKE!"

I bet that was a nice dream.


  1. I am crying laughing. Cake.

  2. She is TOTALLY your kid.

  3. Yeah, forget Those Kind of dreams -- give me a dream about cake any day.