Friday, June 03, 2005

A Brief Update

Hello! This moving thing, compounded by this new-job thing and living in a split household thing, has proved to be extremely stressful. Add to that a minor but briefly scary medical thing, and I'm completely at a loss for blogging right now. So I apologize for that.

Here are two cute kid stories for the meantime:

Maia's new thing is she points, goes "PSSSHHH!" and then says, "Fire on you!" The proper response, which must be given immediately, is "Pee-yew!" No, we don't know what it means, either.

John's last day of kindergarten was yesterday. I talked to him on the phone and asked what he was planning on doing all summer. "I'm going to stay up all night every night and sleep all day!"

Dude, have I mentioned you're not 15 yet?


  1. So long as he's using his time awake at night wisely, and listening to The Who or watching old Led Zeppelin concert films, I guess it's hard to argue with his plan.

    Okay, so maybe young boys don't still do what Matt and I did when we stayed up late...

  2. Wie? Kein Floyd?

    Apparently he spent his time coloring and reading. It's entirely possible he was listening to "Songs From the Wood," though.

  3. Sheena6:49 PM

    And the KISS army gets its newest recruit. :p