Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Interview Meme

Questions from Delany.

1. Do people give you shit about your interest in Russia and pro-union stance?
Not so much anymore...often, with people I don't know, I'll get a comment like, "Ohh, are you a Wobbly?" "Oh no, I drive a Japanese car! Don't come at me with the brickbats!" With people I do know, it's more gentle puzzlement or gentle annoyance than anything else. "But if you decide to buy only union things, that takes out so many good options!"

My old boss used to call me Norma Rae, but she did so kindly.

As far as interest in Russia...during the Cold War, high-school kids would throw around the "commie" insult, but it was no big deal. And even now, when people I don't know find out about the interest, there's usually one lame comment ("Oh, you love the Motherland, comrade?") and that's it.

But now that I think about it, those lame comments are really a drag.

2. Do you see innate differences in your children that you think are gender based?
This is such a hard question to answer! At this point, any differences, I think, are nurture rather than nature. I've made a real effort to accept things from my kids that aren't always expected for their gender -- for example, I've tried to be very open about talking about feelings and accepting John's feelings, figuring he won't get much of that, as a boy, in the real world. As a result, he's very articulate when it comes to talking about his feelings.

When it comes to Maia, there's something that makes me laugh -- I dress her generally in John's hand-me-downs. Other family members have pitched in with pretty dresses for holidays. Given a choice, she would much rather be dressed up in something pretty and fancy than shorts and a t-shirt. I don't know if it's because people fuss over her when she's dressed up, or what. But we've had tears at night because her pink jammies are dirty and all I can dress her in for bed is an old pair of sweats and a t-shirt. And I just laugh and think, where did that come from? Seriously?

3. What are your favorite/least favorite things about living in the Midwest?
My favorite thing would be the lack of pretention among people, I think. I also love having four seasons. My least favorite thing would be the assumption that the Midwest stretches from western Pennsylvania to the Rockies, and is generally homogenous.

4. How was I different in person than you expected me to be?
Hee. Busted. From your posting at Ms., I had you pictured as built about like me, with freckles and sandy hair. An earth-mother who wore white cotton dresses and looked serene. Even after I saw your picture on your blog, the image remained. And I was so wound up when I got in the car with you and Frog at the airport, that when you identified yourself, I said "NO!" because obviously I have a better idea of how you look than you do.

Even now, when I see you online, my mind calls up the old picture. Odd.

5. What is something you sing along to that would surprise people?
I can't hear anything from "Jesus Christ Superstar" without singing along. Oh, and "Sundown," by Gordon Lightfoot.

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Want me to interview you? Post a comment and I'll ask you five questions to answer on your blog.


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I dont got a blog but I think you are the only blogger whose questions I would like to answer. How's about here, at your place?Ahem - Im available.

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  3. I hope that offer isn't limited to people you already know! I'm a budding blogger, who enjoyes your blog, and would like to be interviewed.

  4. OOPS! Please forgive! ENJOYS not enjoyEs. Sorry.

  5. Oooh, do me, do me!

  6. OK, I'd honestly be honored,

  7. Gordon Lightfoot--- yeah! My 8-track childhood hero.

    Carry on...

  8. Me please. I don't know when I will answer it since I haven't been blogging much but maybe this will get me going.