Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I Haven't Disappeared

I've been away, learning things. Important things. I've been on vacation and have now moved into my in-laws house. I started my new job. Let me tell you what I've learned:

1. It's generally a good idea, when starting a new job in a new town, to be sure to bring underwear along. It's hard to get by on just one pair.

2. Canoes are not unswampable.

3. Telling your children that canoes are unswampable raises the chances of swamping within the next 15 minutes by approximately 97%.

4. Lake Vermilion is really, really cold.

5. Fart jokes and other juvenile humor become exponentially funnier depending on the number of kids under seven laughing along.

6. S'mores are the best.

7. My in-laws rock.

8. Heidi has really big knockers. They go boingy-boingy. (I learned this from the graffitti in the bunkhouse we stayed at.)

Many thanks to the Lemonholms for arranging the place to stay!


  1. My response to item #1...EWWWWWWW!

  2. I was in Krasnodar for four months on only three pair! One to wash, one to dry, and one to wear. But I've made a trip to Target, and Maia has complimented me on my "pitty underwear."

  3. Three pair of underwear for a semester abroad? How did that happen? Ohhhhh, Bad Mother, Bad Mother.

  4. No! Good mother! You taught me to pack light. :)