Monday, May 09, 2005


From Grace.

1. When you imagine your kids as adults, what do you imagine them to be like?
I imagine John as a lot like Matt -- smart, quiet but passionate about his beliefs, and very good at taking the pain of the world onto his shoulders. I see Maia as being like me, only much more outgoing and flirty.

2. What will you miss most about your present house when you move?
Matt said it best: Right now, we live in a house that could not be built today. The sense of history, the hard-to-find stained-glass windows, the amazing woodwork, the barn and silo that would cost a mint to build...this is a truly unique house. I'll miss that. Other things I love about living here -- the privacy of a large tract of land in the country, the plantings we've done, and so on -- are things we will already have or can easily do again at the new place.

3. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
I'd love to go back to places I've been, namely Russia and Europe. Otherwise, I'd love to visit Iceland, Scandinavia, Prague and Tallinn.

4. What's the most angry you ever remember being?
In the last couple of years, the angriest I've been was at a DFL meeting where my bid to become county party chair was unexpectedly derailed by some behind-the-scenes manipulation. It sounds petty now, but I was so furious I was shaking. I objected to the proceedings but stopped short of storming out of there. Now I kind of wish I had.

5. What is your greatest virtue? Vice?
Patience and laziness, which I see as related, somehow.


  1. this is my favourite meme. I'm learning so much about people I consider friends, but who I do not know very well.

    what would you like to know?

  2. agh! darn you! i didn't need to know that i desperately wanted to go to estonia!