Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Since today I will spend today waiting for the phone to ring, here are some other things for you to read in the meantime:

Serious stuff: I highly dig what Flea has to say about the death of Andrea Dworkin, Dworkin's work, and how she's being eulogized. I break out in hives when asked to comment on theory, but Flea has put into words some of the feelings I had when I'd heard Dworkin had died.

Fun stuff: This is making the rounds pretty quickly, so you've probably seen it, but did you know there's a Unitarian Jihad? Join it! You can do so by visiting the Unitarian Jihad Name Generator. The Generator requires no clicking when you get there -- just click on the link and the page that pops up will tell you your name. I missed that entirely and paged through quite a few names before I realized what had happened. But once I had, I accepted the blessed consensus of the committee and now bear the name Nail Gun of Quiet Reflection.


  1. Love it!

    --Sister Logging Chain of Enlightenment (does anyone know what a logging chain is? I don't.)

  2. See you in Rio de Janeiro visited my Weblog good luck

  3. Ethelred--it's a big-ass chain that loggers use to to climb up trees and also beat each other up. Yay!

    Krup, can I call you Nikita for short?