Wednesday, April 06, 2005

People Often Read My Blog ( ) Yes ( ) No

I have a job interview next week. The company asked me to fill out one of those 350-question surveys that asks seemingly unrelated and very similar questions in a particular order to uncover your true personality.

This is not the first one I've taken. I filled one out a year and a half ago for another job interview. I didn't get that job, probably because I was going through my first post-Maia-delivery PMS and didn't know it. So when I was asked questions similar to these:

Bosses will take advantage of you if you let them. ( ) Yes ( ) No
I have found that people often talk about me without me knowing. ( ) Yes ( ) No
Sometimes I feel like there just isn't a point to anything anymore. ( ) Yes ( ) No
My mood swings widely for no apparent reason whatsoever. ( ) Yes ( ) No

....well, let's just say I didn't get that job.

These tests fascinate me. I feel like when I'm going through it, I'm answering the questions honestly until about a third of the way through it. Then the pattern seems to become clear. But do they figure for that? Are different questions weighted?

Most importantly, do I really want to work for a place that feels it needs to test my personality? Couldn't they have asked whether I like to mix paints so they match exactly or whether I enjoy thinking about my achievements in person?


  1. Oh, I HATE those things. Because I'm a total freak and can't answer yes or no questions. I think the one I took came back saying I was totally disorganized but smart enough to fake it so people actually thought I was highly organized. totally true.

  2. ms helios11:30 AM

    I have never gotten a job for which I took a psych test :(

    But good luck to you!

  3. how bizarre! never seen one of these questionnaires outside of a teen-type magazine in the uk. they obviously didn't deserve you anyway

  4. Being a psychologist I hate those. The ones used by megacorps in Sweden (ok, minicorp, then) have no validity whatsoever and are interpreted by people with no formal psychology or HR education. Great results will ensure.
    SO (in IT-business) actually refused to fill in one of those based on my critique of the questionnaire. And, he got that job!

  5. I'm not sure what's more overrated: personality surveys for employment, or employment itself.

  6. Pff. Sez Mr. Employed.

    Of course, it could be worse. My MIL says she had a personality test years ago (for a teaching job, I think) that asked her if she often looked at her own excrement.

  7. Mr Ein has taken several of those and never gotten the job offers they were for. OTOH, he's has had some realy great jobs with realy big/succesful companies.
    His sister is a psychologist and after the last time she basically taught how to answer if he ever has to do one again.

  8. I hate those more than I hate Norm Coleman (almost)! After working here for two years, giving everyone around me ample opportunity to figure out what I'm like to work with (and whether or not I often look at my own excrement), I had to take one of those tests in order to get promoted. The HR powers-that-be never talked to my co-workers to find out whether THEY thought I was a good leader... instead, they determined that one of these "bubble tests" would give them a better idea of my leadership abilities than, well, actually LOOKING at my leadership abilities. LOGIC!? I am so, so sorry you have to be subjected to that kind of crap.