Monday, April 04, 2005

Open Your Eyes, Norm!

Norm Coleman continues to call for Annan's resignation.

Oh, Norm, Norm, Norm. Norm. What are you getting on the side? Because surely I cannot be the first one to tell you that the arguments you use apply just as well to some of your best friends.

Annan, as the U.N.'s CEO, is ultimately responsible for the organization's performance. My call for Annan's resignation was not, and is not, based on the misconduct of his son; instead, Annan must be held accountable for his failures and his organization's widespread ineptitude. In short, the buck stops with Annan.

Since I called for his resignation, an avalanche of evidence concerning the U.N.'s mismanagement of the program emerged...

Let's see...and organization's performance that has failed in what it said it would do, with an avalanche of evidence concerning mismanagement...sounds like...why yes! The Defense Department! You might have missed the memo that came out on Friday talking about the lies that sent this country to war. I suggest you read up on them. Any time you want to call for the CEO of the DOD, Donald Rumsfeld, to resign, let me know, because I'm right there with you.

In the editorial you brag about how the administration disagrees with your stance on Annan. You know what? That's not going to fly here. Bragging about how you're further to the right than the admin isn't the best way to show you're a maverick.

On the other hand, if you're so keen on distancing yourself from the White House, ramp up your Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations and take a look into holding Rumsfeld for his failures and his organization's widespread ineptitude. We can see through it, Norm. And we can see through you, too.


  1. Please oh please tell me you sent that letter. Please.

  2. I agree. I thought that the neo-con devolution, er, I mean revolution, would restore accountability, integrity, and efficiency to our government, just as we have with the CEO's of corporate America -- oh no, that's right, CEO's get multi-million dollar parachutes when they fail. In the Bush administration, failures get promoted.