Monday, April 04, 2005

I Laughed! I Cried!

Matt's parents deserve a medal for their willingness to take the kids to "Toy Story 2 ON ICE" the other day. While neither John nor Maia had any idea any such thing existed, they were pleased with the surprise and had a great time, even though Maia (running a fever and battling a cold -- people who attended Saturday's show and sat in Section G should wash their hands thoroughly!) spent the first 20 minutes hiding her face and saying "WANT DADDY! WANT DADDY!" because the show started with an explosion.

She's also needed some reassurance that Zurg, while bad, will not come to our house:

We know John had a good time, because he gave this review: "The part where Zurg comes out and there was an explosion, I got so excited I put my elbow in my ice cream!"

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  1. As the Boy would say, "It was my dream come TRUE!"