Thursday, April 07, 2005

Happily Ever After. And Then...

We were sitting under John's tree today when he asked for a story. I decided to tell the Three Bears, which disappointed John. Last year I made up a story for him called "Jan Goldenhair" which he asks for all the time, but I picked the Three Bears instead.

He decided to tell it himself and did quite a good job with different voices, actions, and wide-eyed drama. But after Goldilocks jumped out the window and ran all the way home, there was more.

"After she got home, there was something more. She took some money and sent it to the bears so they could buy a new rocking chair for Baby Bear, since she had broken the one by rocking and rocking in it. And then she got them a surprise! She bought a disco-ball and brung it to their house and they danced."

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  1. I want your child. Send him to my house. Seriously. I love that kid.