Friday, April 01, 2005

Clifford's On the Prowl

Scene: In the car, on the way to the co-op.
Players: Maia and I

I turn on the radio. It's tuned to the classic rock station, which is playing Eric Clapton's "Waiting For Another Lover." I change it.

Maia: Mom! MAMA! Like dat song!

Me: You liked that song?

Maia: Yeah! Pretty sound!

Me (switching back): You mean this one?

Maia (listens): Yeah! Pretty sound, pretty song!

Me: Well, OK.

Maia: Yeah! Sound like Clifford song! Clifford, big red dog!

Me: You think Eric Clapton, after he went off coke and his music took a nosedive, sounds like the song at the beginning of "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" on PBS?

Maia: Yeah!

Me: Well, I can buy that.

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