Sunday, April 10, 2005

Blog Silence

I will be off the air on Monday, April 10, for an all-day job interview. Not that I'm nervous or anything. I like talking about myself and things I do well. But this job could really change our life in a big way. I could get back into an industry I love. I could go back to doing a job I love. Unfortunately, it's with a junky company. We'll see.


  1. In my world the date on Monday is April 11th. :)
    Anyways - I wish you good luck!

  2. Good luck, man! (Or, as we say in editing circles, break a non-repro blue pen!)

  3. Good luck! [sneaky voice]Infiltrate and the world shall be ours!!!!

    Ahem. I hope it goes well!

  4. I hope it went fabulously...

  5. lmao about the non-repro blue pen...

    How did it go, Krup? Inquiring minds and all that...